About Fitness Camps Abroad 

​​With our fitness camps youll be entitled to take as many classes as you wish....or as few as your body will let you in!

​Fitness Camps Abroad offers a variety of daily classes for you to enjoy, including:

· Muay Thai

· Strength and Conditioning

· Yoga and Pilates

· Spin

· Bodyweight sessions

· Gym work

· Assault courses

· Mountain runs

· Beach training

In addition to offering quality training sessions and classes, some of our camps also have on site accommodation. In these centres you are right in the heart of the action – no excuse for not attending that early morning class.

Down time is an important part of your getaway too and a number of our destinations have top facilities to help you unwind. Whether you’re enjoying a meal in the restaurant, playing a game of pool with a fellow guest or just chilling by the pool, there’s plenty of time for some relaxation after all that hard work.

email: fitnesscampsabroad@outlook.com

 call: Russell Cronin: 07837481873

Fitness Camps Abroad